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Pink Floyd- Hey You

Hey you, yes you. Would you talk to a homeless loner living down the street. Probably, the answer would be no because if I was asked the same the answer would be no. I would not listen to his sufferings. Neither would I ask him to be my friend. Why would I be friends with him, he is in no shape of helping me. I am selfish and greedy and so are you. Don't say no, we all are. You wouldn't  want a disgusting, stinky, poor beggar to be your friend. 
Ever thought of being in the situation like that. Ever felt unwanted, unheard, useless. Ever thought how he might feel everyday. Ever begged for life with someone. Sounds pointless as we are all headed to our goal, to the better future. Next time you judge a person just think of all the pain he/she might have gone through. Don't be an asshole or a douche.

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Poets Of The Fall- Fragile

Everything is messed up. Everything you do becomes the next mistake you don't want. The person you gave your trust comes out to be a hypocrite. Then you wish if there was someone you could really rely on. Then you wish life was just easier than this. You look out for change but all you can find is a backstabber. You try to stay focused but it becomes pointless. You hate yourself and hope it was nothing just a dream. You give up on yourself. It is all fucked up.

You love the darkness. You remain silent. Your hopes are gone.

Had there been someone who would guide you all along. Someone who would love you as much as you loved him/her. You would be happy and everyday would be a new adventure in your life. Someone you could rely on. Someone to talk to when you needed. There was someone who never left you and was there all along watching you drown in your thoughts. Yes, it was you all along. Had you known it earlier you would have loved yourself more than anyone and anything else. Love…

Creedence Clearwater Revival- Down on the corner

Why do we listen to songs? Well the answer may vary from person to person but the main reason I do listen to the songs is because they bring out the true self of me, the lyrics match up so well that it seems like they are taken out from my life book. You might find the proposition too odd to go along with but these songs have really been the part of me. Though I am far behind than the most of you in this field and you might find this useless but I always get picture of life that I left behind when I hear this song.
Why do you listen to love song? Obviously it reminds you of that special person who has been holding your heart. Similarly, this song reminds me of the time I had in my past. We both know that there is no use of talking about the past and we all like it to be as it is. So why not we listen to this song and try to smile as these artists have tried so to make us smile.

Beatles- In My Life

Do you still meet your school friends?? Some of you might, the very few but, in general we aren't even in contact with them. Also, we have limited friends and why not everyone is bonded to you like your friend? The answer is simple, that you are totally different than those who are not your friends.

Someone has once stated that friends are the family we get to choose by ourselves  to our liking. One very person get connected to you than any other human being. That person understands you, gives you support, smiles with you and tries to make your life easier. Upon losing someone like that your life becomes empty and shallow.

This song relates the way I feel about my friends, my close ones and those whom I love. With them I have my moment. They make me feel I am alive and without them, my very motives become useless and I would be nothing but a creeper.

Ed Sheeran- Small Bump

This song might seem out of the blue but guys I love it. I don't know why but this song make me have a baby and give all my time and love. The lyrics are so cute as a baby and relates to any father that is going to have a baby.
Though, I am not married and I don't have a baby but still this song soothes my brain and makes me imagine my baby that I don't have it till now.
My priorities would change and so would by behaviors if only I had a baby. All of life would be for him. I know I am writing non-sense and I know you are still reading this, thank you. You will be a great parent and have a nice day.

Pink Floyd - High Hopes

Till now you guys have known that I have melodious and slow rock songs in my playlist. I refer song as a way of understanding each other and if you have listened any of these songs I guess we are similar in many ways. Though, the interpretation of the words might defer from each other but the purpose we did listen those song is similar.
As a kid we always dreamt of becoming someone better than we are now and I am sure many of us has not been able to become who we desired to be because of the complications and struggles we all have been through.
We tend to lose something we really want to get hold to and to my knowledge this song clearly refers to losing the dreams while growing up as the lyrics clearly says:
"Beyond the horizon of the place we lived when we were young
In a world of magnets and miracles"

So guys keep faith and keep moving.

RadioHead- High & Dry

High & Dry - meaning you try to prove a different person and deep inside you are unsatisfied with yourself and your deeds.
Though, the song is of melodious one seems just a song when you first listen to it, you will start to find the meaning the more you spend a lonesome time with the song. Some people describe this song as a song of person who seeks acceptance from his/her peers. Its really hard to find someone who likes you the way you are and this makes a person to change killing his/her desires for the sake of so called friendship.
I, personally think this song tries to express the feeling of a person who has high desires from someone and eventually is ignored. The sorrow of a person who wants to get accepted for who he/she is but not the stereotype.
One of the sentimental songs on my playlist.